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When Schools Have the Resources They Need, Students Thrive.

​​​​Boys Town Nebraska is partnering with school districts, service providers, community leaders, local governments, and funders to implement a school-centered strategy that strengthens schools and families.

The CUES school system partnered with Boys Town and was thrilled to share the success their schools are seeing. "I'm really proud to be a part of the school system and even prouder to have Boys Town in our building because it just makes a complete world of difference. It's a game-changer."

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Hughes serves three schools in East Omaha, sacred Heart, holy Name,and All Saints. We provide an affordable education for families that might not be able to afford a private faith-based education. With the Lift Together program through Boys Town, people believe in what we do and having a makes all the difference in the world for us to be able to bring these kids forward. Boys Town has always supplied us with the very best of trainers.

Teachers go through the training, they get the materials, and then go back into the classroom. Then our school support specialists make all the difference in the world, provide the support that we need to implement the training. We try to do a lot of prevention, trying to help the students maintain in the classroom and work well. Stay on task, follow instructions, you know, and get their education. Christina teaches within the Boys Town model of behavior. She really serves as a, as a mentor, as a counselor, as a support to the students. Before Boys Town came, we were kind of on our own as far as behavior in the classroom. As soon as we had Mrs. Diaz, I've seen a big difference in the student's behavior. I've always been a believer in the Boys Town model, but last year and I saw such growth in our middle school students, particularly to now people are like, oh, your middle school is awesome to see such a great difference made has just a hundred percent sold me on the fact that this Boys Town model works. They understand that the work that they're doing is important, that their partnerships and their camaraderie with other students is important. That the ethics and the integrity that they have about themselves is important and it, it changes the whole culture and the climate of a building in the most positive and dynamic way. They enjoying to come to school, not getting referrals, their behavior, they know how to disagree appropriately instead of just like reacting, getting in trouble. We see that there's a huge difference in their behavior to a point that now most of them are becoming mentors, helping other small students. We also access the component of Lift, which incorporates supporting our families that are struggling the very most. We are able to refer our families to the Care Coordination program where, one of the care coordinators from Boys Town will meet with our families one-on-one and help them navigate the system. And we also know a key is that when a family is stable, we know that the students will learn better. What we're doing here is making a difference in the lives of kids, in the lives of families, and making our teachers better and stronger. We did not have a partnership with Boys Town. I really don't know that we would be as far enough along as we want to be with the positive behaviors that we want to see in schools. I'm really proud to be a part of the school system and even prouder to have Boys Town in our building because it just makes a complete world of difference. It's a game changer.​

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